A Private Firm Built for Your Needs

As an Altair client, you are served directly by the firm owners and decision makers and you are provided with a level of access and customization that is the hallmark of a boutique firm.

Objective Advice from a Fiduciary

You would never settle for compromised advice about your health. The same should be true for your finances.

As a registered investment advisor (RIA), we have a fiduciary obligation to our clients to provide objective advice and identify the financial solutions that are in your best interest, not ours. We do not accept commissions or share revenue of any kind with the managers we recommend for client portfolios, nor do we sell investment products.


Wealth Decisions Are Life Decisions

To make informed and confident decisions about your wealth, you need both technical expertise and personal guidance. The birth of a baby, changes in health, the sale of a business, retirement – these are pivotal events that can reshape your wealth goals. As your life and financial objectives evolve, we provide an ongoing, disciplined structure for ensuring your wealth plans remain relevant and current.

Service Depth and Breadth

You are likely familiar with the analogy of an iceberg for explaining how what we see above the surface is only one small part of a larger whole. In many ways, that analogy applies to the client experience at Altair. Clients interact primarily with a few key people, but there is an extensive system of processes, structures and teams in place to ensure client interests are well managed and secure. Download our infographic PDF to read more about the support layers behind every client relationship.


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