investment management

Altair’s Investment Approach

Your investment portfolio is designed to achieve important short- and long-term objectives. We use seasoned judgment to develop and implement an investment strategy to fit your needs and protect and enhance your wealth.

Many of our clients have complex wealth structures, and portfolio decisions must complement all their holdings to optimize the total client net worth. We partner with you to understand your full wealth picture and our reporting enables you to view all of your investment assets together – those that are under our management as well as those managed outside of Altair.

Our Investment Process

Our six-step process for the development, implementation and monitoring of your portfolio includes the following:

Establish Your Goals

We help you identify and define your needs today and long-term financial goals in order to thoughtfully craft an investment plan suited to your unique situation.

Apply a Disciplined Investment Philosophy

With centralized guidance from Altair’s investment committee and input from a dedicated internal research team, all investment decisions are based on a commitment to the following objectives:

Design Asset Allocation

A written investment policy statement (IPS) that outlines your preferences and criteria for risk, time horizon, liquidity needs and return expectations provide the framework for your portfolio investment decisions.

Select Investments

Altair works with a concentrated number of managers across all asset classes whom we consider to be best-in-class. This approach enables us to be a larger client with these third-party managers and thus have the scale to negotiate fee concessions and lower minimum investment requirements on behalf of our clients. We use a passive management strategy (index) in instances where we do not believe an active manager can add significant value.

Manage Portfolio and Monitor Investments

Strategic targets and permissible asset allocation ranges are established and monitored based on the personal preferences outlined in your investment policy statement (IPS). Rebalancing is done as needed if your portfolio becomes over or underweighted.

Customize Performance Reporting

Our proprietary performance reports, available 24/7 via our client portal, provide actionable information regarding the performance of your portfolio with returns shown net of fees and compared to weighted benchmarks.

Advice Aligned with Your Interests

We believe that providing investment advice is a separate and distinct business from the selling of investment products. As a registered investment adviser, we owe a fiduciary standard of care to our clients, meaning it is our job and legal mandate to act in the sole benefit of our clients. We do not accept commissions or share revenue of any kind with the investment managers we recommend.

Our fee-only compensation model provides you with peace of mind that you are being served, not sold to, and provides our professionals with the highest level of personal integrity in their work.