Client Goals

A young tech entrepreneur on the West Coast wanted to create a portfolio to protect a core percentage of his wealth now while continuing to use other capital to invest in new entrepreneurial opportunities. He also needed a sounding board to provide objective feedback and guidance on a wide range of personal financial decisions.

Our Guidance

Wealth Protection

Creating a portfolio with an asset allocation intended to provide steady but prudent growth to protect a significant portion of your wealth. This provides peace of mind for him to take higher risks with other capital without concern of compromising his lifestyle.

Values Alignment

Helping him document his goals and preferences for implementing a socially responsible investment approach to that core portfolio.

Significant Purchases

Determining an effective strategy and ownership options for buying a significant home in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country.

Philanthropic Impact

Identifying the optimal approach for current charitable giving and introducing him to a philanthropic consultant to develop a strategy for his long-term giving.

Private Travel

Analyzing the advantages and drawbacks of different options for private travel.

Ownership Options

Helping him evaluate ownership options to develop a tax efficient estate planning strategy for his immediate and extended family.

Personal Financial Statements

Maintaining personal net worth statement and 5-year cash flow analysis.