Client Goals

After many years in a dual-income marriage where both partners earned significant salaries, this client was introduced to us at the start of her divorce proceedings. She was looking for financial guidance and another perspective to help guide her through this significant life and financial event.

Our Guidance

Experienced Insight

Guiding her through all the considerations involved in a fair and equitable distribution of assets, including significant non-liquid holdings in real estate and art.

Goals Assessment

Reevaluating her financial goals, including retirement, and determining if any lifestyle adjustments should be made to keep her on track to meet her objectives.

Customized Portfolio Development

Creating a diversified portfolio that aligns with her long-term goals and reflects her risk preferences with a timeline and plan for transferring assets in the most tax-advantageous manner.

Professional Collaboration

Partnering with her attorney and accountant to update her estate plans to reflect her new situation.

Asset Titling

Working with her accountant to retitle assets and update beneficiaries across all her financial holdings.


Connecting her with an experienced real estate agent to oversee the sale of her suburban home and purchase of a new primary residence.

Specialized Knowledge

Introducing her family to an attorney with expertise in special needs trusts to help her parents provide for the long-term care of her adult brother with special needs.