Client Goals

A CFO of a Fortune 500 company and his spouse sought guidance in maximizing his extensive corporate compensation package. They also needed to diversify their wealth from his company’s stock and develop a strategy for incorporating his external board income in a tax efficient manner.

Our Guidance

Financial Clarity

Translating his complex executive benefits into an understandable summary to enable this busy executive and spouse to take full advantage of his corporate benefit opportunities.

Board Income

Developing strategies for his board income and creating unique deferral vehicles to minimize current tax by moving income realization to future years.

Concentrated Positions

Working directly with his corporation’s legal department to alleviate compliance issues to create a long-term strategy to divest their single stock position.

Centralized Reporting

Providing a single point of aggregation for coordinating and simplifying all their public and private investment holdings.

Integrated Planning

Serving as their financial quarterback, coordinating the couple’s full gamut of professional advisers including a private banker, trustee, accountant, attorney and insurance consultant to ensure integration across all aspects of their wealth planning.

Tax Minimization

Creating a strategy for tax efficient planning of long-term incentive compensation (i.e. restricted stock, performance shares, stock options, etc.) and deferred compensation opportunities.

Retirement Transition

Creating a strategy to transition from a high-earning executive career to living off his wealth, incorporating charitable objectives and tax-efficient stock option exercises.