Understanding Donor-Advised Funds as a Tool for Giving

A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is like an investment account that is set up through a public charity for the sole purpose of charitable giving. It is a vehicle for giving that has grown in popularity over the years, often as an alternative to establishing or maintaining a foundation. In this interview, we are joined by John LaFleur, Managing Director at Strategic Philanthropy, an independent philanthropic consulting firm. He shares his experience guiding clients not only in choosing a vehicle for their giving but also utilizing philanthropic giving as a tool for teaching the next generation about wealth, values and shared decision making.

John LaFleur is a Managing Director at Strategic Philanthropy Ltd., working with the advisor community as well as clients. John’s career includes serving as the director of a large embedded family office and then as the head of the family’s private foundation for a total of 21 years. His Accounting background from Bentley University and prior experience working with privately held businesses and serving on various non-profit boards, has served him well in his client work.


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