Your Asset and Financial Inventory


Throughout the course of our lives, we all accumulate a growing list of accounts, liabilities, legal documents, professional contacts and digital assets. It is easy over time for our financial data to become spread out across different locations, with some parts known only by specific individuals or even a lot of details carried simply in our own heads.

We believe it is critical to have a central inventory of the information and data that make up your full financial picture.

There is no one-size-fits-all format for taking on this task. For those with more complicated wealth holdings and structures, this publication may only begin to touch the surface and your record keeping will require a far more extensive document. For others, this will be more than sufficient.

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, we hope this guide provides a helpful list of the key categories to consider in documenting all your personal financial information in a centralized place.

We consider this to be a “living” document that will continue to grow and change over time. The amount of information to gather can seem daunting, but not all information has to be entered in detail. We encourage clients to work with us and your other professional advisers to aid in the completion of this inventory.

For clients who have completed this exercise with us, we have found it brings great peace of mind. It not only gives you an ability to look across your holdings in a comprehensive manner but also enables your family to feel they are prepared should an unexpected event happen.

We hope you find this resource valuable and welcome your thoughts for changes and additions to this inventory.