Altair Principles: Collegial & Collaborative

Altair’s mission of providing objective advice and identifying financial solutions that are in our clients’ best interests is fueled by a culture of collegiality and collaboration, not competition.

Watch our leaders reflect on how those founding principles have guided our company for the last 20 years.

Watch Steve Weinstein’s video:

“There is every incentive for people to help each other and to share ideas. That really results in the best advice for our clients.” – Steven Weinstein, Chairman

Watch Jason Laurie’s video:

“We did not want internal competition. We wanted to bring our entire firm to our clients . . . No one in Altair today is each other’s competitors. We’re all on the same team.” – Jason Laurie, Chief Investment Officer

Watch Beka Kohmescher’s video:

“The client feels the relationship with their adviser, but the adviser is supported by a team of experts who all work together.” – Beka Kohmescher, CEO