Altair Operational Response to COVID-19

A Message From Our CEO

Dear Clients,

As the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic continues to roil financial markets and threaten disruption to our daily lives, I want to share Altair’s plans for responding to this situation as a firm. First and foremost, please know that our investment research team is closely monitoring the ongoing turmoil in the financial markets and we will continue to provide timely communications of our analysis and recommendations.

My message today concerns our response as a business to this public health crisis and our responsibility to protect the health and wellness of our clients, employees, their families and the larger community. A simple but effective measure is to establish protocols that promote “social distancing” to slow down the transmission of the virus so that our health care systems do not become overwhelmed. In conjunction with Altair’s Board of Managers, we have developed a multi-phase plan that we will implement according to how or if the virus continues to escalate.

As of now, we are asking staff to work from home on a rotating basis. We will also be altering client meeting formats to phone calls whenever possible. We are also limiting or prohibiting Altair employee travel to comply with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

All Altair employees are fully equipped to work remotely and teams regularly test these procedures as part of our normal risk management operations. We do not anticipate any significant disruption to services.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and we will continue to provide regular updates throughout this period of uncertainty. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally or those on your engagement team with your questions and concerns.

My best wishes for good health to you and your family.

Rebekah L. Kohmescher
Chief Executive Officer

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